NewsKopie: USA: Elfjähriger "erwürgte" sich für ein YouTube-Video

Sonntag, 29. August 2010

USA: Elfjähriger "erwürgte" sich für ein YouTube-Video

In Bellingham im US-Bundesstaat Washington trafen sich einige Jungen aus der Nachbarschaft, um ein lustiges YouTube-Video zu drehen. Die Kinder benutzten unechtes Blut und einer bekam einen Strick um den Hals, der an einer Schaukel im Garten befestigt wurde.

Als er plötzlich ausrutschte, zog sich der Strick um seinen Hals zu. Der Junge verlor das Bewusstsein. Die Kinder im Alter von zehn bis elf Jahren rannten zu einem Elternteil, der ihn vom Strick befreite und den Notruf 911 anrief.

Als seine Atemwege frei waren, konnte er wieder atmen. Trotzdem wurde er in ein Krankenhaus gebracht. Wie es heißt, wird er wieder völlig gesund.

Boy chokes himself shooting YouTube video

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - A group of young boys were shooting a video for YouTube, when an 11-year-old accidentally choked himself on a swingset in the backyard of an Everson home.

It happened on the 1900 block of Coyote Lane in Everson Wednesday night. The boy was hospitalized at St. Joseph hospital in Bellingham. He's expected to fully recover.

Police say a group of neighborhood kids 10 to 11 years old were shooting a skit for YouTube on a swingset when it happened.

"As part of the skit they were performing they were using fake blood and one of the children tied a rope around his neck and attached himself to a swing, and when he slipped the rope tightened up on his neck," says Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.

The boy lost consciousness. The kids ran to a parent, who freed the boy from the rope and called 911. The boy started breathing once his airway was cleared. Police say CPR was not needed.

The parents at the home didn't want to talk about what happened. They said their nerves were too raw from the panic of the incident. But they agreed that parents need to talk to their kids.

"Children can have a lot of fun with video cameras and YouTube. However, you have to be really careful especially when they try to imitate what other adults or stuntmen do on television. It could have deadly consequences," says Sheriff Elfo.

Yet in an era where physical bloopers bring YouTube fame, kids are encouraged not just to shoot their own videos, but that mishaps are even more entertaining.

"If it is dangerous, I almost wonder if that's not even more appealing, because those oopses are what are big hits," says their neighbor, Suzanne Vawter. "That could be what children are looking to capture."

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